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This blog is for anyone who needs to talk and needs someone to listen.
Secrets are entirely anonymous.

13281) I donnu if we should still push the relationship that we have now. We’re in long distance. I was the reason why your almost 3 yr relationship messed up. Although you said it was not my fault.. I’ve discovered that it was really me. But, you’re just really a friend to me at that time. Maybe you were too friendly and too sweet that your girlfriend got jealous. I advised you to catch up things with her but you said it just don’t work out. Months passed we started developing feelings with each other and 6 mos after your break up, we exchanges sweet messages and i love you’s but our relationship was still undefined. You asked me what are we.. and i just said, i like you. I don’t have any strength to push this relationship far because of the following reasons. a. i was the reason why you broke up and i don’t want to give her an idea that i really planned it out. b. i don’t want to be a rebound if in case you s till felt something for her, which i don’t know. And you see each other most of the time because of work. And you might realize, you still love her. c. I’m scared coz you’re far. d. I’m scared you’re just making me as ur outlet. e. i don’t know when we’ll be seeing each other again f. I’m scared of falling real hard with you coz, at this moment.. you’re always popping in my mind at it’s so insane.. i have this feeling like i’m on the edge of a cliff. anytime soon, i’ll be hurt. g. Like what i’ve said you’re too sweet and friendly.. and i’m scared what had happened with you and your girlfriend.. will happen to us.

..can u please tell me what to do? I’m really in trouble right now.

13280) I’m tired… exhausted actually of being alone and misunderstood. The one I thought I loved, just realised that maybe he doesn’t love me and my family has never understood me. I have lived long enough to realise that it’s pure ignorance and sadly has nothing to with misunderstanding. Every day I am lonely, but I’ll try to prevent people to see my pain as it might scare them off (which I really don’t need… more friends abandoning a sinking ship).
I cannot get good advice. I have spoken with several psychologists and all they say is that my intelligence cocks up my brain and I worry too much. However, aside from worrying, which is very much true, I do try to stay positive.
I constantly tell others that ‘it could be worse’ or ‘too just stay positive’ and by being a shoulder to cry on, I think it makes me more aware of the things I miss in my life.

I have so much love to give, but I don’t think I’ll live long enough to actually pass it on.
I’m just too tired.

13278) Why are you in my head? I can’t stop thinking about you. You haunt my every dream.

Stop asking me that forbidden question with those eyes. We can never be together.

How does your touch have the power to instantly destroy all of my carefully constructed defenses?

In another life, or another dimension, I would make you mine. And she would never hurt you again.

How long can I resist this magnetic pull that I feel from you? Can you feel it too?

What would you do if I told you this?

Someday.. I will catch you alone in the dark, and I will risk everything to taste of you. Your hands. Your embrace. Your sweetness. I will drink my fill until I can’t possibly take anymore. Just one moment to lock away within the deepest parts of me.

Until then.. I will count the days until I can innocently request your kiss under the mistletoe at Christmastime.

- Your Secret Admirer

13277) I usually don’t do things like this but i’m down and have no one to turn to. I’ve been in love this girl for as long as I can remember, and I started to believe she slowly felt the same. We would do everything together and always be talking. We both ended up going on vacation, I went to Tallahassee to visit my best friend who had recently gone to college and she went to Key West. The longer i was away from her the more i missed her, wishing the days would go by faster so i could go home to see her. We would still talk every night, but that wasn’t enough. We would constantly tell each other how badly we’ve missed one another wish to be by each others side and wanting nothing more. While she was there she met a few other boys there and every moment of everyday with them, causing me to worry as they stayed up together past three and four in the morning. As a result we would talk less and less. The only time we could talk was when she got back home, so i waited every night for her call when she got home. She would tell me to get some sleep but i always said “Anything for you.” she smiled laughed and called it dedication, then make a little joke about our “relationship” to where I responded saying we would take it to the next level and confessed my love to her only to be responded with “Are you being serious” and “I’m sorry but i can’t see us together we’re best friends.” Now i’m back home seeking comfort from my dog again waiting for her call late at night as she’s out with those boys at this every moment. I guess this makes me nothing more then a fool.

13276) Dear Newsboy,

I knew from the start our relationship wasn’t genuine. You think that I was “happily aloof thinking our relationship is perfect”, you are so wrong. You never wanted to take pictures with me, you never went to a school dance with me, didn’t want to introduce me to your parents, didn’t want to be seen at school together, and a few other hurtful things that I noted. I kept those things to myself whenever I talked about the things we did together with my friends.
I defended every stupid thing you did, I stuck with you whenever I could. My friends were skeptical about our relationship and I kept it in mind, I’m glad I never fully trusted you or else this would have been worse. I never told you about these things because I didn’t want to lose you. You’re the most intelligent and talented guy I know who has a strong personality that can endure almost anything. You think I’ll quickly move on, but the truth is I won’t.
Knowing you, you’ll never talk to me again… I guess I can understand that. I’ll miss you. You taught me so many things that I’ll forever cherish. Thanks for everything.
At first I was happy that I’ll have one less problem without you, then I was angry because of all we did and nothing meant anything to both of us, and now I hate to admit that I’m upset that we’rd finally separating. I feel like I never want to leave my room again. But I can’t do that.
You taught me how to face situations up front, not to hide from my responsibilities, stand up to people who want to hurt me, it’s okay to be a little crazy, how to make the best of every situation, how to draw better, and so much more. I just hoped wed stay together longer so you could teach me more. I don’t want you to go, but I guess it would be best for both of us.

…please don’t go…