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13263) I absolutely hate you for what you have done for me, i hate it more than anything. I can’t possibly even move on with my life even though it was four whole years ago. I don’t know what else I can do. I am in a relationship, a happy one - at times.. other times I wish I came down to see you and everything would be perfect again.. well we wasn’t exactly ‘perfect’ but it was enough for was enough for me.. it was a shame that it was a case of how we was so right for each other but you was so screwed up, you fucked us up, you fucked me up. I can’t move on with my life, you have moved on.. ten months ago we got back in touch and it was the best months of my life (again) when we was speaking, i told you i love you, you said it back, you made me feel special again, needed again, wanted again.. it was a shame I couldn’t go through with it all. We could have been us again - something I have always wanted, somet hing I will always want.. one day maybe we can get back to being me and you, but until then I guess I will have to keep carrying on with my life, you with yours, us two knowing we need each other but can’t be together.. I need you, more than I need him, you are my everything, always have been and always will be. One day I tell you, we will be. Not anytime soon, not anytime in the next year, but someday, one day we will be together again. You seem to have moved on, maybe in mind, but I know in heart - deep down, you always will love me and care for me, as I do for you. You said it was ‘goodbye for now’ day it will be ‘hello’ forever…